Strategic Planning Webinar



We’re constantly told the latest cloud technologies and software contain the secret sauce that will help you achieve your desired business outcomes. But that is not 100% true. Technology is a mere tool. A powerful tool, yes, but still a tool. And no tool should be the driving force of a project. Can you imagine a builder choosing what to build because they got a fancy new hammer? That hammer may make the job easier, but it is the blueprints that will ensure success. The success of any technology is only as good as your strategy which defines your plans, people, and processes.

This is where strategic planning and MPWRSource come in.

In this webinar, you will learn about the tools you will need to help you and your organization establish the direction in which you want to go...and grow! 


Facilitated by MPWRSource Inbound Leader, EJ Phillips, you will learn from MPWRSource Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A.